Tuesday Night League

League Location

The Tuesday Night League will be held at Binghamton University like the previous years. The meeting place will usually be between hole 9 and 16. A post is made on our Facebook page before each league to confirm the location.

League Format

The 2017 Tuesday Night League has a different format than the years before. The league will be a handicap singles league to make it easier for anyone to win. League Format is below:

  • 3 Qualifying Rounds to get a Handicap
    • $2 per qualifying round
    • At least 2 members must be present for the qualifying round
    • Can be completed before the league starts, starting on Sunday (03/05)
    • Print out the qualifying round form to complete each round if you aren’t qualifying during a league night: Hand in the completed form and fee to a club officer.
  • Handicap
    • Average score is handicap.
    • 7 most recent scores count towards average, removing the worst score
  • Point System
    • 1 point for completing the round
    • 1 point for each person you beat or tied
    • Points will be used to determine League Champions at the end of the season.
  • $5 After handicap is established
    • $4 weekly payout, $1 for club
    • Top third payout, rounding up
    • Hot round gets $4
    • Optional $2 CTP and $1 Ace Pool
    • There will be other CTPs throughout the league

View the league page on DiscGolfScene

Trilogy on the Hill 2017 (Trilogy Challenge)

Come join us for a Trilogy Challenge at Halstead Hill. Register on DiscGolfScene. Visit here for more information on the Trilogy Challenge.

Lunch will be available for $7 - Sandwiches and Chili - Water will be provided